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Eye Wear


Although there are several things that can determine how a pair of eyeglasses will look on you, facial shape is the most obvious. The same frame can look different on many people, simply due to the shape of their face. By learning about how different frames compliment certain facial shapes, you can make your frame shopping experience much easier.

There are four basic facial shapes which include round, square, triangular and oval. One of the most common ways to determine the shape of your face is by pulling your hair back, standing in front of a mirror, and tracing the outline of your face on the mirror with a bar of soap or pale lipstick. When you back away from the mirror, the outline of your face will remain and you will be able to tell what shape it most closely resembles. If you have problems identifying your facial shape, the staff at your eye clinic will be able to help you choose a frame that is complimentary to your face.

An oval shaped face is considered to be perfectly proportionate and is often the easiest shape of face to find frames for. Because the face is already in nearly perfect alignment, almost any shape of frame is attractive. However, remember to choose a frame that is in proportion to the size of the face. Frames that are oversized or too small will be less attractive than a frame that is proportional to the size of the face.

If you have a round face, you will want to choose a frame with strong horizontal lines set at an angle, or a frame that is dark coloured. These types of frames will downplay your facial roundness and make your face appear narrower. Your face will also appear longer if you choose a frame with a high bridge (nosepiece). Avoid frames that have designs on the outer edge, as this will draw the eye to the edge of your face and make it appear wider.

Triangular or heart shaped faces, that are wider at the forehead than the chin, look best in frames that are wider, or more square, on the bottom. This helps to even out the face and diminishes the wideness of the forehead. Rimless frames also are very complementary to this face shape. Avoid frames which sit high on the face, as this will create unnecessary length.

If your face is square and angular, seek a frame that will lengthen your face. To accomplish this, try frames that are slightly rounded to minimize the strong jaw line that often comes with this facial shape. As with a round face, you can make your face appear longer if you choose a frame with a high bridge.

With the wide variety of eyeglass frames available, it can be tempting to try out a new pair. By educating yourself about the importance of facial shape on an appropriate frame choice, it will be easier to decide what frame looks best on you.